February 8, 2023

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Turn a grim laundromat into a bustling 90s arcade in Vostok Inc. dev’s Arcade Paradise

Vostok Inc. developer Nosebleed Interactive is trading space-capitalism for retro-tinged arcade management in its newly unveiled Arcade Paradise, coming to PC and consoles later this year.

In Arcade Paradise, players are cast as Ashley, a teenager trying to transform the family’s small-town laundromat into a bustling retro arcade, somewhere in the 1990s.

What follows is a game of two halves; on the one side, Ashley will need to complete dull chores – washing clothes, clearing out the rubbish, cleaning toilets (all given a suitably entertaining mini-game twist) – in order to raise the money needed to turn the King Wash laundromat into a booming arcade hangout, managing the business and investing profits along the way.

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