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This week, we’re looking at the Games That Got Away in 2021

Hello! This week, we’re playing a bit of overdue catch-up. You’ve heard this a million times by now, but the past year has been a weird one for games, with a landslide of indies and off-beat gems filling the triple-A void. At times it’s been tough to keep up, and because of that we’ve missed a few that deserved our attention at the time.

We do have some excuses! There are lots of reasons why we might not review something, some of which are quite boring: there’s too much in the schedule, it stealth-launched at the wrong time, we got code a bit too late and the next thing – and a dozen more next things after that – are already on top of us. Sometimes, this year especially, there are bigger priorities: people need time off work and a proper work-life balance, and that comes before hitting an arbitrary embargo. Sometimes it’s just on us, because you can miss a sleeper hit when making a snap choice on what to cover – and we can always get better at finding more great games ourselves.

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