November 28, 2022

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This Powerful Portable Console Has Us Dreaming Of A Nintendo Switch Pro

Nintendo hasn’t confirmed that a Switch Pro is happening, but we’ve certainly heard enough rumours and the company’s previous track record would suggest it will inject more power into its portable line in the fullness of time.

With a “Pro” model likely to include incremental improvements over the current version, the latest handheld from Chinese firm GPD – which is famous for its Windows-based handheld games machines – has us dreaming of could be possible if Nintendo really pushed the idea of a meatier, more potent Switch.

The GPD Win 3 looks a lot like a Switch – especially with that button and stick layout – but has some key cosmetic differences. The controls don’t detach from the main unit and the console’s screen slides up to reveal a keyboard – an essential feature when you consider that this is basically a tiny PC.

The company has released footage of the Win 3 running FromSoftware’s Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, which, it’s fair to say, appears to be running with some graphical detail toned down.

Even so, it’s an impressive showing, and indicates that there’s a lot more scope in pushing portable hardware with a new Switch model – as some have suggested, Nintendo will hopefully keep the Switch alive for years (if not decades) thanks to regular iPhone-style hardware refreshes. Who knows? We may even be playing next-gen games on the move in 2025.