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These Five Exclusive Horizon Forbidden West Screens Show The Burrower And The Daunt

In celebration of our Horizon Forbidden West cover story, which digital subscribers read now, we’re letting you get a look at the new screens Guerrilla Games shared with us for the story. These shots were provided exclusively to Game Informer for our extensive 12-page feature to highlight certain aspects we discussed.

For some context for the images below, they mostly feature a new area called the Daunt, which is a canyon at the eastern edge of Sundom (Carja territory). This new settlement acts as an onboarding area to get players up to speed with the game’s new mechanics. It is Aloy’s last stop before she heads to the Forbidden West. These screens also provide a view of a market and tavern to show off the more lively locales.

Lastly, there’s a look at a new machine called the Burrower, which is a successor to Horizon Zero Dawn’s Watcher. This common recon machine can tunnel underground and resurface in unexpected locations. When it senses danger, it emits a high-pitched sound to call allies and stun enemies.  According to game director Mathijs de Jonge: “We wanted to add even more character and locomotion to the machines in Horizon Forbidden West, so the Burrowers are very similar to otters or weasels: flexible, quick, and pretty ferocious!”

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