December 8, 2022

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There’s now a Mandalorian mode in Fortnite

Fortnite’s ongoing collaboration with Star Wars continues today with a new mode and location added as part of the game’s 15.30 update.

Mando’s Bounty is a points-based affair where you have three lives to take down as many opponents as possible – and preferably, the target identified by your very own bounty puck. This item sits in your inventory and projects a holographic image of your victim, just like in popular space parenting TV show The Mandalorian.

Play takes place across the Fortnite map, though the action right now seems centred around its new cantina location, located near Butter Barn in Fortnite’s desert area (which is more Tatooine-like than Nevarro, but still). Drop in here and you’ll be greeted to Star Wars’ familiar cantina band music, and probably a blaster in the face.

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