October 3, 2022

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There’s 15% off Switch Lite bundles and more on eBay

eBay has introduced a new discount code that allows users to drop 15% off a lot of products’ price, including tons of great options for video games such as Nintendo Switch Lite bundles and more!

The code itself is “PRESENTS15“, entered at checkout, and there’s a few restrictions on it, as there always are. First of all, you have to spend more than £15, and the code won’t save you more than £60. So once you spend more than £400, it caps out and you’ll stop saving money from that point.

Still, it’s a great discount and can get even better for Nectar members. Those who’ve linked their Nectar Card to their eBay account can enter the code “NECTAR20” for a greater discount of 20%. For those who want to know how to do that, check this link. Keep in mind that you can’t use both codes on the same purchase – one or the other, I’m afraid.

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