December 9, 2022

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The Star Wars games we’d love to see next – it’s the Eurogamer next-gen news cast!

Wow, what a week! After a sleepy start to 2021 in video game news land, this week saw two explosive announcements around a resurgent LucasArts – sorry, Lucasfilm Games: a brand new Indiana Jones game from Wolfenstein developer Machine Games, and a brand new, open-world Star Wars game from Massive, the maker of The Division.

With EA’s exclusive deal to make PC and console Star Wars games coming to an end, Lucasfilm is branching out, giving other publishers a piece of the pie. As Count Dooku once told Yoda: this is just the beginning.

During this week’s episode of the Eurogamer next-gen news cast, we speculate on the games we can expect from Machine and Massive, and discuss the Star Wars games we’d love to see next. Dream developer and Star Wars pairing? We have IDEAS.

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