December 8, 2022

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The new Bugsnax update addresses those progress-breaking bugs

Bugged out.

A new patch for Bugsnax is now live.

The 1.04.000 update – which seeks to address a number of the game’s most pressing issues – includes a fix for the Boss Bugsnak bug that was preventing some playersfrom progressing in the game.

It also resolves a problem in Floofty’s Head Games quest that “breaks progression after leaving”, and ensures that creatures you need to complete quests will spawn a little more readily now, too.

Other QoL tweaks include the integration of a weather forecast in your journal, and – perhaps most important of all – “improvements to character eyelid behaviour” while they sleep. Shudder.

The full list can be found with our friends at VG24/7.

“Bugsnax is so interesting that I suspect it deserves a pretty short review,” Christian said in Eurogamer’s Bugsnax review.

“The real fun here is discovery and interpretation, two things that both require a little mystery. Really, it would be good for you to stop reading now and go and play it. Go and play Bugsnax. It’s not a spoiler to tell you that it’s definitely worth your time.”

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