October 15, 2021

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The Medium on PS5 shows big differences compared to Xbox Series X

The Medium is an interesting game for sure – one we’ve covered in the past on both Xbox Series consoles and PCs, but I must admit, going into this one, I didn’t expect the PlayStation 5 port to see so many changes from the existing console versions. Just about every multi-platform project we’ve seen so far on the new wave of consoles has seen effective feature parity between Series X and PS5 because, after all, they are very similar machines at the architectural level. However, with The Medium, Bloober Studio appears to have rebalanced the game to produce something very similar but also quite different to the original Series X release.

We’ll get to the tweaked visuals shortly, but beyond the graphical revamp, there are DualSense controller features added too – rain, wind and other atmospheric effects are mapped to haptics, while some dialogue and effects are routed through the controller speaker. There’s also gyro aiming when investigating objects. It’s nice to see these features added, but only the haptics appealed to me really.

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