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The games we’re looking forward to in 2022

What’s coming out this year? All the games that didn’t come out last year! Ha ha, let’s laugh off those mince pies. But it’s not far from the truth. We wouldn’t have the new God of War or Horizon games this year were it not for their delays, and let’s hope they’re all the better for it. But will they be the biggest releases this year? The Zelda Breath of the Wild sequel would argue otherwise, Elden Ring would argue otherwise, and it’s hard to see many games topping either, except maybe Starfield. After all, it’s not often we get a new Bethesda Game Studios game that isn’t a Skyrim re-release. Yowch!

But blockbusters are one thing, and a good year of gaming far from depends on them. Look a bit closer and you see a new Bayonetta in there, a new Splatoon, a new Plague Tale game – an underrated series if you ask me. There’s a new Pokémon game, because there’s always a new Pokémon game, there’s Tango Softworks’ new spooky-looking Ghostwire: Tokyo, and there’s some eye-catching martial arts in Sifu. And don’t get us started on Thirsty Suitors. There’s even a new Advance Wars game. What more do you want? 2022 looks like a bumper year for all of us, so we asked a variety of our writers what they were excited for. And here’s what they said.

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