November 29, 2021

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The Double-A Team: We need more games like Child of Light

When Child of Light was released in 2014, it was well-received by major outlets and players alike. The game was praised for its gorgeous aesthetic, incredible soundtrack, and a unique and challenging combat system. However, some of the game’s criticisms included a lack of character customization, simplistic skill trees, jarring rhyming dialogue, and easy battles. But despite these criticisms, one important point remains: we need more games like Child of Light.

In a Polygon interview with the game’s creative director, Patrick Plourde, he explained that the game came about because he wanted to play something with his son. The character of Igniculus, therefore, was meant to be played by a second player. Since this was a game created with a child and a parent in mind, it easily explains the simple skill trees, the fairy-tale story, and the ease of the combat system.

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