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The Double A-Team: Enter the Matrix allowed us to become kung fu masters

Has anyone else been obsessively rewatching the latest trailer for the upcoming Matrix Resurrections film? I usually avoid trailers these days as they just give up the whole dang film for some reason. But the Matrix universe has so many unanswered questions, I couldn’t resist. And now having seen it, there are so many more.

For some bizarre reason, we’ve collectively decided to disown the sequels to the original sci-fi classic. And to a greater extent (and more understandably), we’ve actively chosen to ignore the series’ spin-off games, particularly 2003’s Enter the Matrix. It was janky, repetitive, and filled with set pieces that didn’t pump the adrenaline like other action games at the time. Yet somehow, despite its flaws, Shiny had made one of the most addictive games I’d ever purchased that generation.

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