March 25, 2023

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The Digital Foundry Supporter Program is relaunching with new tiers and new benefits

Today I’m very excited to re-introduce the Digital Foundry Supporter Program. We’re relaunching our crowdfunding drive on Patreon with two new tiers and lots of new rewards. Support the team and you’ll get exclusive behind-the-scenes videos plus early access to our weekly discussion show and more. Oh, and if you like DF Retro, we’ve got something exciting for you. We want to do bigger, we want to do better – and we need your support to do it.

It’s time for a change – but first of all, I want to thank our existing Patreon supporters out there for their support. Over the years, it’s been a rocky road to actually making Digital Foundry a viable business, and your support has been crucial in getting us to where we are now. We’re humbled that, in our surveys and conversations with you, you have told us that supporting our work is the most valuable benefit of our Supporter Program – even more so than the pristine quality video downloads we provide. The concept of support comes up time and time again, along with the idea of getting closer to the DF team and our daily work. So, thank you – it means a lot to us.

Let’s talk about the new Patreon tier structure:

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