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Techland clarifies Dying Light 2’s 500-hour completion claim, says main story will take 20 hours

Over the weekend, developer Techland attempted to stir up some additional excitement for the impending arrival of its parkour-infused open-world zombie sequel Dying Light 2 by claiming players would likely need to set aside “at least 500 hours” to fully complete the game. The statement perhaps didn’t have quite the desired effect, however, drawing ire from skeptical fans, and the company has now offered further clarification, saying the game should only take around 20 hours to beat at its most fundamental level.

Techland initially made its 500-hour completion claim in a post to Twitter on Saturday, and following a less-than-stellar response to the news – some fans called the extended playtime off-putting – Techland attempted to allay concerns by clarifying the figure only applied when completing all the quests, endings, and exploring every part of the world. Regular players, it said, should “finish the story + side quests… in less than 100 hours”.

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