October 16, 2021

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Switch OLED review: a far more impressive upgrade than I’d imagined

Hardware reviews are usually pretty difficult work. You have to do analysis of in-depth, technical things in a painstaking and tiring process that often can barely be seen in the final published review – but it all needs to happen behind-the-scenes. The new Nintendo Switch OLED model doesn’t need such an intense testing, however – it’s pretty easy to explain and deliver a verdict on.

I’m sure some will do more in-depth reporting, including the folks over at our sibling publication Digital Foundry – but in the end, the new Switch OLED model can be summed up pretty simply: it’s the Switch you know and love, but the display is better. Way better.

It’s so much better, in fact, that I was a little surprised. I know how good OLED displays are – the original PS Vita was always a high bar for handheld gaming, and I’ve got a couple of lovely LG OLED TVs in the house – but just what a difference it made shocked me both in experiencing older content that I’m familiar with and games I’ve not experienced on the older model of Switch.

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