October 21, 2021

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Switch OLED model features improved Joy-Con controllers, but drift could still become an issue

With the Switch OLED model, Nintendo has made improvements to the Joy-Con controllers, but analog stick wear and tear is inevitable, which means drift could eventually become a problem.

Many Switch owners have reported since the console’s release that the analog sticks on the Joy-Con controller lose integrity over time, causing a drift issue. Drift is what happens when you move your character in one direction, but it moves in a different direction instead. Basically, the analog stick on the controller deviates, leading to undesirable input.

Nintendo said it has made improvements to the controllers, particularly to the internal parts of the analog sticks. The company said it has been making improvements to the controllers continuously since the console launched and incorporated these changes into the Joy-Con controllers included with the console, Nintendo Switch Lite, and the controllers sold individually.

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