Smash Bros. Update

Nintendo’s latest update for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, which was announced earlier this week, is now live.

As expected, it’s a minor update – bumping the game up to version 9.0.2. As small as it might be, there are still a lot of interesting character fixes. There are also “various gameplay fixes” to look forward to.

Below are the full patch notes, courtesy of Nintendo’s support page:

Ver. 9.0.2 (Released November 11, 2020)


-Fixed an issue where you could not use the stick to jump while falling after creating an anvil using the down air attack.
-Fixed an issue where the gunman from Duck Hunt’s down special and the phantom from Zelda’s down special were not behaving as intended.
-Fixed an issue where the initial velocity of Samus’s and Dark Samus’s up special when used on the ground was not behaving as intended.
-Fixed an issue where fighters would sometimes warp on the Venom stage.
-Fixed an issue where sometimes fighters would pass through landscapes when they were launched on some stages.
-Fixed an issue where sometimes you would be forced to end a battle on a stage created in Stage Builder.
-Various gameplay fixes.

Have you downloaded this latest update yet? Noticed anything else? Tell us down below.