February 4, 2023

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Story of Seasons: Olive Town medals | What to do with your bronze, silver, and gold Town Medals

In Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town, you’ll occasionally receive Town Medals. These are a mark of the gratitude the people of Olive Town feel for your efforts in revitalising their home.

You’ll quickly amass quite a collection of bronze medals, with a few silvers thrown in for good measure and maybe even one or two golds. However, it’s not readily apparent what these medals are actually useful for.

How to collect Town Medals in Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town

Every now and then while playing Pioneers of Olive Town, you’ll receive a notification that you’ve earned a new title.

This is basically the game’s equivalent of an achievement system: titles are awarded for reaching milestones such as talking to neighbours 50 times, cutting grass 100 times, or taking your pet on their first walk, for example.

(Somewhat confusingly, many of these feats accompany an increase in your skills, but the title system is completely separate from levelling up.)

To claim your titles, you need to head into Olive Town proper and visit the town hall. At the back of the main room there’s a letterbox, just to the right of the bulletin board. Interact with this to ‘Accept Title Reward(s)’.

You can set titles in your Notebook once you earn them, but the main points of interest here are the rewards that come with each title.

Reward items vary and can be thematically linked to the specific type of milestone you reached to achieve them; but very often, you’ll receive a Town Medal.

These come in three different colours — bronze, silver, and gold. Bronze are the most common, with silver being awarded for slightly more time-consuming achievements (such as reaching the mid-levels of a skill), and gold being saved for real feats of player dedication.

What to do with Town Medals in Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town

You’ll quickly find that your pockets are stuffed with these souvenirs of Olive Town’s appreciation for you. And unfortunately, the game gives you absolutely no indication of what to do with all these Town Medals once you have them.

Your first option is to drop them off in a storage box on your farm. Medals of the same colour helpfully stack, but that’s still three storage slots they’re taking up. And since they never get used for, say, crafting or decorating, that’s where they’ll stay until you get sick of the sight of them.

Your second (and much better) option is to sell them. In other words, Town Medals are basically just coupons you exchange for free money. Why Mayor Victor doesn’t just give cash prizes for achieving those milestones is anyone’s guess.

Place your medals in the shipping bin next to your house, and the next morning you’ll receive a sum of money linked to each medal’s colour-coded value:

  • Bronze Medals = 100G each
  • Silver Medals = 500G each
  • Gold Medals = 1,000G each

These cash injections can be very helpful if you’re looking to make a major investment, such as expanding your farmhouse to allow room for more pets, or proposing marriage to one of the game’s eligible NPCs.

But money can be tight in the early days of the game, when Town Medals accrue very easily. So don’t neglect this way of bolstering your income if you’re struggling to make ends meet.

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