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Square Enix updates the low-poly grapes from Final Fantasy 14, saddening millions

IGN reported that the latest patch notes for Final Fantasy 14 included a technical improvement that will make many very sad. In Patch 6.01, many quality-of-life improvements were made, but the most noteworthy one is in changing the infamous low-poly grapes found in expansion Endwalker.

Initially found in the early days of the expansion’s release, the grapes, which look like crystals with a grape pattern printed on them, instantly became an internet sensation, with many memes spawning from the smooth fruits. They also spawned a debate about details in AAA games, with some gamers calling the grapes lazy, while many developers defended the grape crystals as saving precious resources that help make the rest of the game run smoothly.

Even the official Final Fantasy 14 Twitter account seemed to be in on the joke.

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