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Spider-Man Miles Morales: How to Unlock Every Spider Suit

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Many suits can be crafted a few missions into the Main Story, and many more will be unlocked as Spider-Man increases in level. Some suits can only be unlocked by meeting certain requirements or unlocking secrets.

Many of these Suits will also unlock a Suit Mod – a passive bonus that can be applied independently of which suit you’re using. Once unlocked, the Suit pr Visor Mod can be used with any suit you already have unlocked.

To craft suits, you’ll need a combination of different Tokens found by completing various tasks around the city:

  • Activity Tokens – stopping crime, finding time capsules, completing side missions and activities and more over the city wherever they crop up. Complete sub-objectives in crimes for each type of crime to earn bonus tokens.
  • Technology Tokens – finding the hidden Underground Caches all over the city, as well as uncovering them in enemy bases.

List of Spider-Man: Miles Morales Suits

Video: All 19 Suits Showcased

For known Suits, what it costs to craft them, how to unlock them, and what they look like, see the list below, or click on suit name to jump directly to that suit:

Sportswear Suit


  • Suit Mod Unlock: N/A
  • Unlock Requirements: Default Costume

Spider-Man’s default suit that he begins the game with, and has some serious budget vibes. It features a hoodie with a blue puffer jacket, as well as fingerless gloves and athletic pants.

Given this is the first suit you start out with, it doesn’t come with any special powers.

Great Responsibility Suit

  • Suit Mod Unlock: N/A
  • Unlock Requirements: Complete Mission – Parting Gift

A hand-me-down spider suit from Peter Parker to Miles Morales, this ill-fitting suit is reminiscent of Spider-Man’s original classic suit before he made his advanced suit with the white trimmings.

The suit’s name is a reference to that famous Ben Parker line – “With great power, comes great responsibility.”

Homemade Suit

  • Suit Mod Unlock: Power Pitcher
  • Unlock Requirements: Reach Level 5, 8 Activity Tokens, 1 Tech Part

As its name implies, the Homemade Suit is a very DIY spider suit, even moreso than the Sportswear Suit, featuring an all black mask with goggles and a hastily designed logo over a sweater.

It’s suit mod allows you to deal more damage with thrown objects, which can really boost your damage output, especially early on in the game.

T.R.A.C.K. Suit

  • Visor Mod Unlock: Untrackable
  • Unlock Requirements: Reach Level 6, 10 Activity Tokens, 1 Tech Part

The T.R.A.C.K. Suit, also known as the Time Response Activated Circuit Kinetic Suit, is a unique looking design by comic book artist Javier Garrón. It’s almost an inverse of the classic look, replacing the mostly black color with white.

It’s visor mod will reduce incoming damage from ranged attacks, which is the perfect defensive tool while you’re still getting used to dodging firearms.

Animated Suit

  • Suit Mod Unlock: Stronger Webs
  • Unlock Requirements: Reach Level 7, 20 Activity Tokens, 1 Tech Part

Similar to the Animated Suit in the first Spider-Man, this suit also has as stylish cel-shaded look based on many of Miles designs from various comic books and shows. Not to be confused with the Into the Spider-verse suit, it moves at regular speed.

The suit mod, Stronger Webs, gives you more time to temporarily stun groups of fighters and keep them from surrounding or attacking you, which can be very important for giving yourself room to breathe in a big brawl.

Brooklyn Visions Academy Suit

  • Suit Mod Unlock: Trick Master
  • Unlock Requirements: Reach Level 8, 12 Activity Tokens, 1 Tech Part

The Brooklyn Visions Academy Suit is a modification to Miles’ Classic Suit, throwing on a school jacket and backpack over his existing suit – for those days where crimes won’t stop even when you’re late for class.

The suit mod, Trick Master, allows you to gain Venom at an even faster rate by performing air tricks while falling. Not as great for combat, but great to swap to between missions or crimes when you have multiple Venom bars to fill.

Crimson Cowl Suit

  • Visor Mod Unlock: Ghost Strike
  • Unlock Requirements: Reach Level 9, 14 Activity Tokens, 2 Tech Parts

The Crimson Cowl is a fully red suit with a hood, and partially inspired by its namesake, the super hero Crimson Cowl (aka Justine Hammer who first appeared in Thunderbolts.

The mod Ghost Strike, will allow you to rapidly perform web strike takedowns at range without alerting nearby enemies, rather than having to get close and use slower takedowns.

S.T.R.I.K.E. Suit

  • Visor Mod Unlock: Venom Overclock
  • Unlock Requirements: Reach Level 10, 16 Activity Tokens, 2 Tech Points

This Suit is an interpretation of Miles as an agent of S.T.R.I.K.E., the United Kingdom’s counterpart to the United State’s S.H.I.E.L.D. It features a more armored apperance with powered gauntlets.

The Venom Overclock mod is best used when things are looking grim, as it will increase Venom Power regeneration when your health is dropping. Against tough bosses or encounters, getting Venom back faster can make all the difference.

The End Suit

  • Suit Mod Unlock: Steady Focus
  • Unlock Requirements: Reach Level 11, 16 Activity Tokens, 2 Tech Parts

The End Suit is a rugged urban minimal look with camo pants and an open hooded sweater.

The suit mod, Steady Focus, will slow the rate that Camo drains if you aren’t moving. In stealth situations, it can be useful when taking your time to scope out a situation and wait for someone to move – opening up your chance to strike while hidden.

Miles Morales 2099 Suit

  • Suit Mod Unlock: Venom Suppression Resistance
  • Unlock Requirements: Reach Level 12, 14 Activity Tokens, 3 Tech Parts

Based on the Spider-Man 2099 comic series, this suit features a sleek future spider design on the front with a small hood and glowing blue-white eyes.

The mod unlocked is a great defensive tools when fighting Roxxon troops. As they throw their suppression grenades and attacks that limits your ability to use Venom Attacks, this mod can lessen that effect, and allow you to use camo to instantly cure yourself.

Into the Spider-Verse Suit

  • Suit Mod Unlock: Vibe the Verse, Bam! Pow! Wham!
  • Unlock Requirements: Reach Level 13, 18 Activity Tokens, 4 Tech Parts

Made to resemble the uniform Miles wore in the animated movie: Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse, complete with the spray-painted design and curious cel-shaded flat looks.

The suit and visor mods that are unlocked through this suit are cosmetic only, and allows Miles to move and act like a comic book character in the specific motion design of the movie – lowering his framerate to be more pronounced against the rest of the world. Attacking enemies will also unleash cosmetic fight noises in true comic book fashion.

Classic Suit

  • Suit Mod Unlock: Zap Slap
  • Unlock Requirements: Unlocked after completing mission Time to Rally

This suit is Miles’ most iconic black and red design, setting him apart from Peter Parker as the Spider-Man protector of Harlem and its people.

The suit mod is best suited for fighting Underground thugs, as it creates a larger shockwave force when breaking their weapons either in melee or by grabbing and throwing them.

Uptown Pride Suit

  • Suit Mod Unlock: N/A
  • Unlock Requirements: Complete all FNSM App Activities

By completing all the small activities given to you around Manhattan, the people will show their appreciation by giving you a modded Classic Suit with a gold trim instead of a red one.

Winter Suit

  • Suit Mod Unlock: N/A
  • Unlock Requirements: Complete Side Mission We’ve Got a Lead

Another variation of the Classic Suit, this suit sports extra accessories given to Miles by his friend, which include a hat, ear, arm, and leg warmers with a striped design. It also features a scarf that will move around as you swing and fight.

Miles Morales 2020 Suit

  • Suit Mod Unlock: N/A
  • Unlock Requirements: Complete all Spider-Training Challenges, and the Final Test side mission

By completing every hologram challenge Peter Parker leaves for you, Miles can unlock a futuristic design featuring a helmet with a Daft Punk-like LED display and audio jack headphones built in, as well as an LED chest pattern.

Programmable Matter Suit

  • Suit Mod Unlock: N/A
  • Unlock Requirements: Complete all Underground Hideouts and Roxxon Labs, and the Matter Up Side Mission

After taking out all of the Roxxon Lab challenges and Underground Hideout challenges, you’ll be clued in to complete a quick mission that turns Miles’ suit into a shifting matter suit – using the same technology used by The Tinkerer. It even features special takedowns using extendable legs much like the Iron Spider outfit.

Purple Reign Suit

  • Suit Mod Unlock: Reclaimer
  • Unlock Requirements: Complete all Sound Samples and the Back to the Beginning Side Mission

After finding all of Aaron Davis’ Sound Samples across Manhattan, complete the quick side mission to unlock a Prowler-esque take on the Spider Suit, complete with the purple and green color style, and even little green claws on the tips of Spider-Man’s fingers.

Bodega Cat Suit

  • Suit Mod Unlock: N/A
  • Unlock Requirements: Complete the Main Story, and The Cat’s Pajama’s Side Mission

After beating the game, make sure you have completed the quest where you meet Spider-Man the cat for the first time, and you’ll be asked to return to take the cat out for a spin with this suit. It’s essentially a mod of the Homemade Suit featuring a backpack where Spider-Man the Cat can hang out in, popping in and out as he pleases. In combat, he may also show up during certain takedowns to scratch at opponents.

Spider-Training Suit

  • Suit Mod Unlock: N/A
  • Unlock Requirements: Start New Game+, 20 Activity Tokens, 1 Tech Part

This suit only becomes available to buy in a New Game+ version of the game, so you’ll need to beat the game first, after which you can access this simple suit featuring Peter Parker’s college t-shirt that he’s lent to Miles.

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