November 28, 2022

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Spider-Man: Miles Morales Glitch Turning Players Into Trash, Lamps, and Just a Big Patch of Snow

Spider-Man: Miles Morales players have run into a glitch that seemingly swaps the player-character model with, well, any other object in the game, while remaining totally playable. It means we’re now seeing videos of a new Spider-Man that takes the form of dumpsters, or cigarette bins, or just a big patch of snow.As chronicled by Polygon, it’s not clear what causes the glitch, but some have guessed that it may be down to colliding with objects in the world. Others have seemingly found that having the glitch happen once means it will keep occurring. That’s shown in no more entertaining a fashion than in this video by Froste, in which we see Miles becoming some snow, a blank white cube, and a fence, all while taking down a car full of criminals:

That’s far from the only example floating around right now. We’ve also seen the likes of Spider-Trash, Spider-Lamp, and Spider-Brick, all of whom can swing around the city as normal:

There is a slightly more worrying aspect to this – some have reported that the game will crash instead of simply having Miles revert to his normal form. While I’ve not seen any reports of save corruption or the like as a result, it’s clearly not ideal.

Neither Insomniac or Sony have yet commented on the glitch. There is a small part of me hopes they don’t for a little while – I really want to experience this myself before it’s patched away.

We awarded Spider-Man: Miles Morales a 9/10 review, calling it “a fantastic follow-up, telling a wonderful story while improving upon the fundamentals of the first game.” In a more intentionally funny touch, the PS5 remaster of Marvel’s Spider-Man also includes an Easter Egg for those who visit the game’s horrible boat NPCs.

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