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Shenmue 3 kickstarts two weeks of daily freebies on the Epic Games Store from today

Tis the season of festive sales in video game land, and the Epic Games Store has now thrown open its shutters and bellowed news of its own discount offerings into the cold winter night, which includes the return of its daily “mystery gift” free games, starting with Shenmue 3.

Shenmue 3 is, of course, the long, long, long-awaited third instalment in developer Yu Suzuki’s classic action-adventure series, which finally arrived in 2019 following a gap of 18 years between it and its predecessor. Picking up where Shenmue 2 left off, part 3 sees protagonist Ryo Hazuki resume his quest for vengeance after the murder of his father in the original, delivering a new chapter that Eurogamer’s Martin Robison called both “archaic and arcane” and “a worthy successor to what many consider an all-time great” in his review.

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