March 25, 2023

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Sci-fi horror spruce-up Observer: System Redux comes to PS4 and Xbox One in July

Observer: System Redux, the enhanced edition of Layers of Fear developer Bloober Team’s acclaimed sci-fi horror, will be making the leap to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on 16th July.

The original Observer, released back in 2017, tells the story of detective Daniel Lazarski (voiced by the late Rutger Hauer) as he investigates a dilapidated Kraków apartment block, circa 2084, in search of his estranged son. What follows is a compelling blend of dystopian investigation adventure and hallucinatory nightmare as Lazarski, using his Observer talents, delves into the minds of witnesses in search of clues.

Eurogamer called it a “splendid hybrid of CSI, cyberpunk and Silent Hill woven around a potent central performance” on its initial release, awarding it a Recommend badge in the process.

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