May 28, 2023

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Sci-fi colony sim RimWorld getting Ideology DLC and big free update “in about two weeks”

RimWorld, the acclaimed sci-fi colony sim from Ludeon Studios, has announced a second paid expansion, titled Ideology, which’ll be arriving in the next few weeks alongside a substantial free content update for all players.

Following on from last year’s Royalty DLC, Ideology aims to enhance RimWorld’s celebrated core by providing the tools needed to fashion a specific belief system for your colony. “You can play as tree-worshipping cannibals who carve skulls into every piece of furniture,” explains developer Tynan Sylvester on Steam, “or blind tunnelers who shun the light, or transhumanists obsessed with perfecting the human form using exotic technology. Or be nudists, or drug-stupor mystics, or piratical raiders, or charity-focused givers, or pain-loving animal sacrificers, or dance-party techno ravers, or rustic ranching cowboys, or many many more.”

Sylvester says it’ll be possible to mix and match different core elements of a colony’s belief system in Ideology, and that customisation can be taken even further if desired, with the expansion enabling players to individually adjust preferences in the following categories: precept, ritual, special social role, venerated animal and weapon, culture and style, unique building, tattoo, clothing, background narrative, god, and, perhaps most importantly of all, beard (more on those shortly!).

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