March 28, 2023

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Rumour suggests two new colourful DualSense controllers could go on sale “very soon”

A new rumour purports two new DualSense controllers could be coming to market “very soon”.

According to AreaJugones – a Spanish-language site that has previously correctly leaked a PlayStation Plus freebie lineup ahead of confirmation from PlayStation – the new colour schemes deviate from the current white and black scheme to include shades of red and grey.

Without photographic evidence, it’s not possible to know precisely how the colours will be used, or what parts of the controller will be more colourful (or even if it’s true; right now, we can only take this as pure speculation), but the leak – reportedly from an “internal contact” at Sony – says the company will launch the new red and black and black and grey variants “very soon” (thanks, TheGamer).

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