August 3, 2021

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Rumour: Nintendo Switch Pro Info Datamined

The post Rumour: Nintendo Switch Pro Info Datamined appeared first on Fextralife.

Rumours have been flying recently the latest stemming from a supposed datamine revealing info such as 4K in docked mode and OLED screen.

Rumour: Nintendo Switch Pro Info Datamined

The latest details to be unveiled according to a datamine which was revealed on a ResetEra thread by a poster called SciresM, contains details about the alleged Nintendo Switch Pro model. While rumours of the Pro model are not new, this post shares something interesting features which include an OLED screen, up to 4K in docked mode, increased battery life and the codename “Aula”.

Scires M explains that the new Switch Pro gathered details indicate that the new model would come with 4K due to the firmware. However does add “not confirmed yet and could be wrong”. As for the touch screen, he shares the “tablet itself definitely has an upgraded display” with an OLED screen. The hardware also includes a 4K Realtek chip which is in the new dock, meaning most likely the handheld mode will have the same resolution, but will support 4K in docked mode.

As with all posts on forums it’s best to take it with a pinch of salt, as the model itself hasn’t even been confirmed by Nintendo yet. However, these are not the only rumours to be circling as of late, this week a supposed leaked official document also revealed a few titles that will come this year along with the announcement of the Switch Pro model in April of this year, along with a $399 price tag. There is no official news on any of this, so we’ll have to sit tight and see if any of this is true.

A new model is not a complete stretch, as Nintendo are notorious for releasing a number of models for their gaming devices, just take a look at the Nintendo DS. The last model to be released for the Switch was the Switch Lite, which is a completly handheld model. A Pro model could bring a number of improvements to the original model.

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The post Rumour: Nintendo Switch Pro Info Datamined appeared first on Fextralife.