December 8, 2022

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Rhythmic time-meddling tactics game All Walls Must Fall comes to Switch this week

Developer Inbetweengames’ acclaimed All Walls Must Fall, an alternate-future tactics game blending Cold War espionage with the dance floor decadence of Berlin’s nightclub scene, is making it way to Switch tomorrow, 20th January.

Originally released back in 2018, All Walls Must Fall’s rhythmic time-meddling action is gleefully high concept, unfolding in the Berlin of 2089, where the Cold War never ended.

Here, agents on both sides are caught in a never-ending temporal loop, hopping around the timeline to thwart each other’s next move. That translates to a supremely stylish tactical adventure that, for no obvious reason beyond the fact it looks incredibly cool, sets each mission to the pounding techno beats and pulsating lights of a labyrinthine Berlin nightclub.

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