March 29, 2023

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Respawn would “love to deliver” more single-player PvE content for Apex Legends

If you somehow missed it, earlier this week Respawn unveiled some massive changes coming to Apex Legends in its upcoming Legacy season – the biggest being a new permanent game mode called Arenas. Set to run alongside Apex’s standard battle royale matches, Arenas has been described as the “first step” in moving Apex Legends beyond battle royale. And as it turns out, the first pitch document for Arenas was inspired by Auto Chess: a pretty surprising choice given that battle royales and auto chess, erm, aren’t particularly alike.

It all made me wonder what sort of wacky experiments Respawn is carrying out behind the scenes, and what we could potentially see next. Could it be single-player modes, co-op, gauntlet runs? So I decided to put this question to Respawn in an interview with chief operating manager and Apex Legends general manager Dusty Welch, and game director Chad Grenier. It seems that the Apex Legends team is keen to venture further into areas such as PvE – and pointed to previous Apex experiments as an example.

“We dipped our toes in a PvE mode a few seasons back with quests,” Grenier said. “And the team certainly loves to make that kind of content. A lot of our team comes from a single-player background… we made the single-player campaign in Titanfall 2.

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