November 26, 2022

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Resident Evil Village Maiden Demo Walkthrough | Escape the dungeon

The Resident Evil Village Maiden Demo is but a short taste of the heart-stopping suspense, chilling atmosphere and esoteric puzzles that’re due to drop with the 8th instalment of the acclaimed horror franchise come May.

And while there’s less than half an hour’s horror in store for you, the Resident Evil 8 demo is not above playing naughty tricks that could leave you scratching your head.

That’s why we’ve put together a walkthrough, detailing the few puzzles that pop up in the presentation, for if you’re in need of a discreet helping hand.

So while we’ll be forthright in where to find the particular items you need, we won’t spoil the surprises lurking in the dark.

Resident Evil 8 Demo Walkthrough

Escape the Dungeon

Your experience with the Resident Evil 8 demo begins with just three foreboding words: escape the dungeon.

Take in your blood-slick and decrepit surroundings, then make a start on the task at hand.

Behind you, there’s a mysterious scrap of paper perched in a nook in the wall. Pick it up, then examine it in your inventory by pressing Triangle.

It mentions a way out of your cell, then that the item you need to progress will be “soaked in blood”. The note also gives further instructions for when you’re deeper into your escape plan, but it’s best not to count your chickens too early.

Press in the Right-Stick to crouch as the scrap of paper suggests, then scrabble through the hole under the table on the right-hand side of the room.

In the next cell, look to your left and exit through the door.

Now for the blood-soaked “thing” – whatever it is.

Explore straight ahead of you if you wish, but to advance, look right and continue down the corridor.

You can search the open cells on your left and right. In one, you’ll find the fresh corpse of a woman, and various torture equipment in the rest.

At the end of the corridor, around to the right, there’s a box you can interact with, but only if you have the right item.

Since you don’t at this point, you’ll have to backtrack through the corridor you just came down – where you’ll notice something is different.

Return to the cell with the woman’s body and retrieve the bolt cutters.

Exit the cell, then go left back towards the cell where you started, then cut the chain on the door to your left.

Inside the now unlocked cell you’ll be able to examine the pail of red liquid, which we’ll pretend is delicious cherryade, next to the world’s most uncomfortable chair.

Submerged in the pail of definitely-not-blood is a lockpick: your ticket out of here.

Reach the surface

Head back out into the corridor and retrace your steps to the interactable box by the door. Use the lockpick on the door, then pull the uncovered lever.

As the door slides open, slip through it into the waiting cellar.

Press your way forward, through the stores and up the stairs until you reach a dimly lit dining room.

You can interact with a plate on the table and a record player on the side as you make your way around the outside of the room. On the other side, drop into a crouch again and you’ll see a gap in a sideboard that you can open and squeeze through.

Inside the uncovered hole, you can make your way to the end and interact with a loose brick to advance.

Ascend the revealed staircase into the food store, then climb the ladder on the far side – reading the letter on top of the barrel on your left as you go.

The Necklace

At the top of the ladder, you emerge in an ornate dressing room.

As much as you don’t want to, take the creepy necklace from the table in the middle. The item description in your inventory will reveal it was yours to begin with.

Necklace in hand, press on through the door on the far side of the dressing room.

Outside, turn right, then right again, before proceeding through the ajar door in front of you.

You now find yourself in the entrance hall. Make your way right around to the staircase.

Go downstairs and look around the seating area and doorways.

On the wall under the staircase you’ll find an interestingly stained tea set, and in the fireplace, a set of clothes suspiciously like the ones you’ve been dressed in.

Try not to think about the fate of your fellow escapee who penned the letter you’re following, and look to the door behind the seating area.

There’s a trail of blood leading over the rug to the double doors.

Go through them.

Maroon Eye

In the chilly dining room, try the far doors.

No dice. So turn your attention to the dining table. Here you’ll find an ornate wine goblet.

Examine the goblet and turn the rim to face you. Inside you’ll find the Maroon Eye Ring.

Press Triangle to open your inventory, then select the Maroon Eye Ring.

Rotate the Maroon Eye towards you, then press X to examine it.

This gives you just the Maroon Eye.

Now you need to return upstairs.

Finding the Courtyard Key

At the top of the stairs you’ll see a strange door with a relief of a woman and two babies on.

Use the Maroon Eye on the door and it’ll open.

Inside, search the shin-height cupboards.

Open the one in the top-right corner, and you’ll find the Courtyard key.

Next, go back downstairs to the dark dining room.

Retrace your steps past the seating area and fire.

If the way gets blocked, keep making your way towards the door.

Inside the dining room, head to the far door and use your Courtyard Key.

Enjoy your newfound freedom!

The full version of Resident Evil Village is due out on May 7, 2021. Not only will it be on next-gen consoles, but PS4 and Xbox One too.

As well as the main game, Village will include the multiplayer Re:Verse – which looks like a Goldeneye-style shooter.

While the Maiden demo is currently free to download on PlayStation, it will make its way to all platforms in the Spring.

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