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Resident Evil Village Beneviento Dollhouse | Beneviento’s Treasure, Door Code, Music Box Puzzle Solutions

With the way forward unlocked, Ethan must now take on the second of Resident Evil Village’s noble houses – the doll maker, Beneviento.

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Since you don’t have the “unborn” version of your key yet, you have to take the northern path up towards the seemingly abandoned Beneviento estate.

Resident Evil Village | How to complete the Beneviento Dollhouse

Unlock the four-winged key door, and on the other side of the gate, you find yourself at the base of an overgrown track – spooky.

Make your way into the tall grass up the hill, following the path around to the left past the gravestone.

Walk forward through the Potter’s Field until you reach a fork in the road: left advances forward.

Step out onto the bridge and stride confidently across, then on the other side, go through the gate in front of you.

Continue forward through the garden, then down the stone stairs at the end of the path.

At the rotunda with the Beneviento’s Treasure marker, which you’ll come back for later, go around to the other side and examine the letterbox.

“Give up your Memories” letterbox

You need to “give up your memories”, so go into your Key Items inventory and put your family photo of Rose and Mia inside.

Through the door, push the button on the elevator and step inside.

At the top, walk back outside, and you’ll find yourself at the Beneviento manor. A decrepit old house at the crest of a waterfall.

Enter through the gate, then walk right up and through the front door.

In the foyer, on the other side of the table, there’s a door – this is the only way forward.

You’re now in the living room, where you need to take the door on the right.

This leads into a new hallway, which you follow around the corner.

At the end, push the elevator button, then go down.

At the bottom, there’s nothing to see in the study on your left, so take the hallway forward, deeper into the house.

The first door on the right is locked, so follow the hall again, take a left, then go through the double doors at the end.

Here you’ll find the flask – that was easy. Walk in and take it, then retrace your steps back out of the house.

If only it was that easy.

Examine the Doll Woman

Examine the doll woman and the photo on the table. You’ll find that you need some scissors to cut the bandages and some tweezers to get something out of its mouth.

With the Left Eye, you can twist it so there’s an iris showing with a bird flying right – do this.

Now move to the left leg – you can remove it to find a winding key.

Then with the left hand, with some effort you can get a blood-stained ring.

Move to the right shoulder, and opening it gives you a silver key.

Finally, open the right arm, and you’ll see a three closed eye symbol.

There’s also a save point you can use.

The wooden door on one side of the room is locked, but you can now open it with the Silver Key.

Inside the medicine room, turn on the sink, then examine it again to clean the ring up into the Wedding Ring.

The door next to you is locked, so return to the workshop, and examine the wedding ring in your inventory for the date: 052911 – the code for the door.

Back out in the hallway, the door that was locked before is now open. Go inside, and it’s a storage room.

Music Box Puzzle

Interact with the music box on the table and use the winding key.

To get it to play, you need to line up the scratches.

Line the cylinders so they look like the screen shot below, with the long scratch on the left and the other long one on the right line up.

This gives you some tweezers, so return to the doll and open its mouth.

With the film in hand, now go to the study next to the elevator where you came down to this floor.

Film projector order

Inside the study you’ll find an old-style film projector, along with 4 reels of film next to it.

Add your own reel of film that you got from the Doll Woman’s mouth to the collection then change them into the right sequence.

The order is:

  • The monkey
  • The Village of Shadows
  • Rose
  • The music box
  • The wedding wing

Now play the movie and enjoy the lovely production.

Walk into the room that opens, grab the scissors from the doll’s hand, and take a right through the bandages.

On the other side, take a left down the corridor, then double back to pick up the phone when it rings.

Go back to the left, past the mother’s door, then unlock the door to the medicine room.

Now, cut the bandages in the doll workshop.

Open the chest cavity and take the brass medallion.

This means you can now go over to the left, around the dark corner and slot the medallion into the wooden door.

Make the top left symbol the bird facing right, then the bottom symbol three closed eyes.

Go through the door that opens. Yes, you have to.

Descend the creepy stairs and climb down the well like in the video.

Take the breaker box key and climb back up. I genuinely did this with my eyes closed because it was too damn spooky.

Circle the room until you can get back up the stairs, then go around the corner back into the doll workshop.

Take a left out into the hallway and follow the helpfully drawn line on the floor.

You’ll know when to turn around, go back through the doll workshop and medicine room, and towards the Mother’s Door.

Go past it though, through the opening you made into the secret cubby behind the study, through the study and to the breaker box next to the elevator. It’s on the wall to the left of the elevator shaft.

Inside is a relief of a child, which you can slot into the Mother’s door.

Through the mother’s door, go through the first door on the left to get around the blockage in the hallway, then into the bedroom at the end of the hall.

Inside, look at the far side of the bed. You can hide here – remember this.

Now take the fuse from the far wall and make your way back through the kitchen to the breaker box again.

Again, you’ll know when, run back to the bedroom and hide under the bed.

When you see it go past you, you’ve got a clear run back through the kitchen, then the medicine room, workshop, and hallway to the breaker box.

Get in the elevator as soon as it opens and push the button.

Back at the top, make your way back through the living room to the foyer.

Now you have to play hide and seek, and the locations seem semi-random between playthroughs.

The first location is up on the second floor past the window, by the bed in the guest room.

The second location is usually the sitting area of the living room.

Then the final location is by the elevator.

After the scene, combine the new key with your winged one to make the four-winged unborn key.

Take the second flask, and the Angie doll off the floor, then leave the Beneviento house.

Beneviento’s Treasure

Go down the elevator, back through the forest towards the Village. Again, leave the gravestone marked as the Beneviento Treasure – you’ll be able to get it soon.

On your way back, you’ll find that the garden and outbuildings are now accessible. Remembering that the key to the Luthier’s house could be hidden somewhere close, it makes sense to search the area.

At the blockage, go right and take the sniper ammo from the crate.

Around the corner, some nice guys will wake up to wish you a good afternoon. Take out the one in the orchard on the right, go under the arches, then take the Sun and Moon Ball out of the box at the base of the tree.

In the next area, there’s two visible ghouls that you can shoot, which you should do to start the fight on your terms, then two more appear. Defeat them, then go into the house on your left.

Entering triggers another ghoul outside, so go take him out before looting the cool stuff from the house, including a powerful new shotgun.

Leave the garden through the arches and deal with the remaining ghouls. Go through the gate in front of you to the left, up the hill, and you’ll see the gardener’s house.

Winch up the well and you’ll find the doll head to make Madalina.

In the outhouse around the back of the hut, you’ll get a photo of a strange bird that’s near the Maiden of War statue in the village.

Inside the hut, you’ll find the Luthier’s key for that optional treasure, then the Labyrinth Puzzle for the sun and moon ball you found in the other part of the garden.

The ball game gives you the Onyx Skull, then grab the explosive rounds from the floor and that’s everything you can find, so return through the forest to the Duke.

Without the glamour on the forest, you can see the dolls are ghoulish bodies. When you reach the fork, there’s a box to break on the left and a gem to pull from a gravestone on the right, but also three ghouls to deal with.

When you make it back to the Duke. Speak to him, but before you head off towards Moreau, go and collect the Maestro’s collection and the strange bird.

The strange bird is in the graveyard next to the Maiden of War statue in the village centre, and drops juicy game for cooking in the Duke’s kitchen.

Next to where you find the strange bird, there’s a mausoleum that was locked earlier which is now accessible.

Inside, you’ll find the Broken Slab – which is the missing piece of the gravestone marking the Beneviento Treasure.

Next, use the Luthier’s key after you’ve made your way back around to the west old town under the tractor.

Inside there’s a bit of ammo, a few supplies, and a locked cabinet, the code to which is found on the happy birthday poster: it’s 27/09/17.

With the lock cracked you can claim a very valuable statue and a magazine mod for your sniper rifle.

When you’re done, return to the Duke’s altar, and trudge back up the hill to the gravestone at the Beneviento estate.

It’s now guarded by a very tough enemy, who you’ll probably need to attack with explosive rounds and your new shotgun to have much chance against.

When he’s defeated he’ll drop a very valuable crystal axe, but you’ll also be free to claim the treasure.

With your pockets now stuffed with cash, make your way back to The Duke and prepare to head south towards the watery world of Moreau.

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