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Red Dead Online players are upset over the lack of content

Red Dead Online players are so frustrated over the lack of content updates for the game, that they have taken to Twitter to voice their displeasure at Rockstar.

For the past three days now, fans have taken Rockstar to task on the social network, drawing attention to their chagrin with the hashtag “SaveRedDeadOnline” which has been trending. As of press time, there are over 18,200 tweets using the hashtag.

The issue with players is the lack of new updates for the game, as the last bit of new content dropped in July 2021. Called Blood Money, it added homestead robberies and the task of recovering private bonds known as Capitale. New missions called Crimes were added where you performed robberies, coach holdups, kidnappings, debt collections, and more in order to get clues on where to find Capitale.

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