July 5, 2022

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Random: Turns Out The Xbox Series X Doubles Up As A Perfect GameCube Display Stand

Today sees the start of a whole new generation of gaming, as the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S arrive in stores worldwide. Microsoft will tell you that the new Xbox consoles boast lots of exciting games, features, and more teraflops than you could ever need, but there’s one feature that arguably puts one of them above the rest.

Yes, the Xbox Series X doubles up as a perfect display stand for the trusty Nintendo GameCube.

We’ve actually seen comparisons between the Series X and the GameCube before – memes of the Series X saw Microsoft’s new console be compared to all sorts of things like fridges and stacked GameCube consoles – but we never would have expected the system to match up to Nintendo’s machine quite so well.

As you can see in these photos from Twitter user @watosan_ship5, the two consoles go absolutely hand-in-hand.

It’s always nice to see people in the replies having far too much fun as well:

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