July 24, 2021

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PUBG is getting a dense urban map with an enemy faction

Hot on the heels of volcanic Season 9 map Paramo, PUBG Corp is introducing yet another new map in Season 10 – and this one’s all about city living. Or dying, perhaps.

Available now on PC test servers, Season 10 adds a dense urban map called Haven. It’s a 1×1 area featuring 32 players set in the heart of the American rust belt. Despite its small size, players will find distinct areas including carbon steelworks, coal yards, an industrial zone, residential zone, overpass and docks. It’s a seasonal map, however, meaning it will only stick around for Season 10 – and it can only be played in duos (or you can go it alone as a one-person duo). As the matches are faster, you can expect to receive approximately 70 per cent of the BP you normally would for full-length matches on larger maps.

As the map promises plenty of verticality, a new emergency parachute item is being introduced to help players navigate the highways and tall buildings of Haven. These don’t open automatically, so remember to activate the parachute before you go splat. Oh, and they’re single-use only.

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