October 5, 2022

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PS5 trophy videos also capture what you’re screaming in that moment

By Sherif Saed, Friday, 27 November 2020 12:09 GMT

One of the PS5’s new features may leave you laughing, or possibly embarrassed.

Since a little bit before the launch of the PS5, we’ve known that the system automatically records a clip every time you earn a Trophy. This is an upgrade over PS4, which only captured a screenshot.

But it now appears that the clip also includes microphone audio, if you didn’t happen to have it muted. A number of PS5 owners discovered this by accident when re-watching their recorded clips.

After beating a tough boss in Demon’s Souls, Reddit user Helloiamjack was surprised to find his celebration cry was picked up by the DualSense’s mic, forever bound to that moment where they snatched the win and earned the Trophy.

First time Souls player. I didn’t realise that the PS5 records your microphone’s audio whenever you get a trophy. Whoops. from r/PS5

Shortly afterwards, a different Redditor, SCOUSETOMO2003, checked their recorded clips to find a similar moment, though with a different boss they had been trying to beat for 15 times.

Seen a post about first time souls player not realising his mic was on… me too bro… this was about my 15th attempt! Didn’t know the mic was on at the end haha from r/PS5

More heart-warming than their elation is the fact both players are new to the series, which makes these moments more magical. That said, there are probably millions out there whose clips include… less family-friendly screams.

If you too are new to Souls, keep our big Demon’s Souls boss guide bookmarked. We have a feeling you’re going to need it.

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