July 1, 2022

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PS5 Doesn’t Have Quick Resume, But Activity Cards May Offer a Workaround

When discussing what the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X do better at launch compared to one another, there’s one feature Microsoft’s next-gen consoles have that’s absent on Sony’s: the Quick Resume ability to hop between games without fully exiting them. But the PS5’s Activities Cards may be the next best thing for getting you into games faster than ever before on a PlayStation console.We’ve known since their introduction that these new Cards would allow you to jump into parts of a game nearly instantly, but as noted in a now-viral tweet by @TheAP99, specifically using the Cards from the PS5’s main UI offers a lot more flexibility in jumping to specific points in various games.In TheAP99’s video, you can see the use of the Cards in a way that’s always been an option but one not made as apparent by PlayStation. In the original showcase of the PS5’s new UI, the focus on Cards was primarily around their use while in-game, such as with Sackboy: A Big Adventure, as players could hop around to different levels via the Cards in the PS5’s new Control Center.

However, as the video points out, each game will also have Activities Cards living on their respective PS5 dashboard pages, you just need to navigate below the play and Trophies buttons (a region that many may not dare enter given how slowly everything below the fold could run on PS4). By pressing “Resume” on any of these cards, you can bypass main menus, intro screens, and more and get directly to the action. That’s certainly been an advertised feature of the Cards – to get you to different parts of your games quicker than ever before. But for players looking to make that jump from one game to the next, that functionality is there, it’s just not the most immediately obvious option, as most of your interactions with Cards are likely to be via the Control Center.

What Works and What Doesn’t About the PS5

Again, it’s worth noting that this is not an exact function compared to Quick Resume – you’re still exiting a game, and loading into another, but if you’re open to jumping into the PS5’s UI, you can get directly to the moment in a game you’re looking for more quickly than just starting up the game by pressing “play” on its page. But, for example, I right now on my PS5 am playing Demon’s Souls, and can navigate to the PS5 dashboard to pick Cards for Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered on its page, or to different levels via Cards on Sackboy: A Big Adventure’s page.

Of course, you can continue to access games as you do traditionally, and even use the PS5’s Game Switcher feature on the Control Center to shift from one game to the next. But if you want to know more about the PS5’s hidden features and other functionality, be sure to check out our comprehensive PS5 wiki guide.

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