March 24, 2023

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Pokémon Snap: Complete Pokédex List Guide

Now that New Pokémon Snap is out and photographers everywhere are diving in, more and more players are discovering the wonders of the game’s Lental region. In New Pokémon Snap, players are tasked with filling out their Photodex, a catalog similar to the Pokédex found in the mainline entries. The region contains various diverse biomes for players to ride along. While those areas certainly contain plenty of scenic vistas, the main attraction is how many different Pokémon they house.

Unlike the Pokédex, New Pokémon Snap’s Photodex fills out as you go, meaning they are numbered in the order in which you can encounter them. This makes filling out a particular level simpler. Because of this, Pokémon and their evolved forms aren’t placed next to one another. If you’re worried your favorite monster didn’t make it, we’ve got you covered. 

Complete New Pokémon Snap Photodex

New Pokémon Snap features 214 different Pokémon to discover and photograph. Check out all the creatures you can encounter in this photographic journey. Just be warned: The following list contains spoilers.

New Pokémon Snap


###NameFirst Appearance
001VivillonFlorio Nature Park
002PichuFlorio Nature Park
003GrookeyFlorio Nature Park
004ScorbunnyFlorio Nature Park
005BouffalantFlorio Nature Park 
006PidgeotFlorio Nature Park
007TangrowthFlorio Nature Park
008EmolgaFlorio Nature Park
009WurmpleFlorio Nature Park
010MurkrowFlorio Nature Park
011CaterpieFlorio Nature Park
012HeracrossFlorio Nature Park
013PinsirFlorio Nature Park
014DodrioFlorio Nature Park
015DucklettFlorio Nature Park
016SwannaFlorio Nature Park
017BidoofFlorio Nature Park
018TaillowFlorio Nature Park
019TorterraFlorio Nature Park
020MagikarpFlorio Nature Park
021HoothootFlorio Nature Park
022ComfeyFlorio Nature Park
023FlorgesFlorio Nature Park
024CombeeFlorio Nature Park
025VespiquenFlorio Nature Park
026SylveonFlorio Nature Park
027ShayminFlorio Nature Park
028MeganiumFlorio Nature Park – Illumina Spot
029EeveeResearch Camp
030PikachuResearch Camp
031CutieflyResearch Camp
032BunnelbyResearch Camp
033ScoutlandResearch Camp
034StarlyResearch Camp
035MeowthResearch Camp
036AudinoResearch Camp
037RattataResearch Camp
038TrubbishResearch Camp
039SudowoodoResearch Camp


###NameFirst Appearance
041AipomFounja Jungle
042BounsweetFounja Jungle
044BeautiflyFounja Jungle
045ArbokFounja Jungle
046YanmegaFounja Jungle
047PikipekFounja Jungle
048ToucannonFounja Jungle
049AriadosFounja Jungle
050MorelullFounja Jungle
051SlakingFounja Jungle
052VenusaurFounja Jungle
053LiepardFounja Jungle
054WooperFounja Jungle
055QuagsireFounja Jungle
056SwampertFounja Jungle
057LedianFounja Jungle
059LeafeonFounja Jungle
060MewFounja Jungle
061TrevenantElsewhere Forest
062EspurrElsewhere Forest
063ShiftryElsewhere Forest
064KecleonElsewhere Forest
065DeerlingElsewhere Forest
066SawsbuckElsewhere Forest
067UnfezantElsewhere Forest
068DrampaElsewhere Forest
069PanchamElsewhere Forest
070BulbasaurElsewhere Forest
071SerperiorElsewhere Forest
072ApplinElsewhere Forest
073BewearElsewhere Forest
074GardevoirElsewhere Forest
075NinetailsElsewhere Forest
076LotadElsewhere Forest
077EspeonElsewhere Forest
078CelebiElsewhere Forest
079MiloticElsewhere Forest – Illumina Spot


###NameFirst Appearance
080WingullBlushing Beach
081ExeggutorBlushing Beach
082CrabrawlerBlushing Beach
083DrifblimBlushing Beach
084ZangooseBlushing Beach
085SeviperBlushing Beach
086BellossomBlushing Beach
087InkayBlushing Beach
088PyukumukuBlushing Beach
089MachampBlushing Beach
090StunfiskBlushing Beach
091OctilleryBlushing Beach
092CorsolaBlushing Beach
093FinneonBlushing Beach
094ClamperlBlushing Beach
095PrimarinaBlushing Beach
096RaichuBlushing Beach
097SandygastBlushing Beach
098SharpedoMaricopia Reef
099SquirtleMaricopia Reef
100BlastoiseMaricopia Reef
101LaprasMaricopia Reef
102MantineMaricopia Reef
103PelipperMaricopia Reef
104WailordMaricopia Reef
105MareanieMaricopia Reef
106VaporeonMaricopia Reef
107ManaphyMaricopia Reef
108LuvdiscLental Seafloor
109AlomomolaLental Seafloor
110WailmerLental Seafloor
111CradilyLental Seafloor
112LumineonLental Seafloor
113QwilfishLental Seafloor
114ClawitzerLental Seafloor
115TentacruelLental Seafloor
116ChinchouLental Seafloor
117LanturnLental Seafloor
118StarmieLental Seafloor
119FrillishLental Seafloor
120GolisopodLental Seafloor
121LugiaLental Seafloor
122WishiwashiLental Seafloor – Illumina Spot


###NameFirst Appearance
123SkorupiSweltering Sands
124CacneaSweltering Sands
125SandshrewSweltering Sands
126TrapinchSweltering Sands
127FlygonSweltering Sands
128KangaskhanSweltering Sands
129MandibuzzSweltering Sands
130MiniorSweltering Sands
131SilicobraSweltering Sands
132TorchicSweltering Sands
133HelioliskSweltering Sands
134LycanrocSweltering Sands
135HippowdonSweltering Sands
136TyranitarSweltering Sands
137OnixSweltering Sands
138AltariaFireflow Volcano
139ShinxFireflow Volcano
140LuxrayFireflow Volcano
141TalonflameFireflow Volcano
142MonfernoFireflow Volcano
143AerodactylFireflow Volcano
144TyrantrumFireflow Volcano
145GravelerFireflow Volcano
146ArcheopsFireflow Volcano
147SlugmaFireflow Volcano
148TorkoalFireflow Volcano
149CharmanderFireflow Volcano
150CharizardFireflow Volcano
151TyphlosionFireflow Volcano
152FlareonFireflow Volcano
153Ho-ohFireflow Volcano
154VolcaronaFireflow Volcano – Illumina Spot


###NameFirst Appearance
155FurretShiver Snowfields
156CubchooShiver Snowfields
157BearticShiver Snowfields
158MightyenaShiver Snowfields
159WeavileShiver Snowfields
160BraviaryShiver Snowfields
161SwinubShiver Snowfields
162MamoswineShiver Snowfields
163SkarmoryShiver Snowfields
164SandslashShiver Snowfields
165AbomasnowShiver Snowfields
166VulpixShiver Snowfields
167DelibirdShiver Snowfields
168SnomShiver Snowfields
169FrosmothShiver Snowfields
170CrabominableShiver Snowfields
171SnoruntShiver Snowfields
172GlalieShiver Snowfields
173FroslassShiver Snowfields
174JynxShiver Snowfields
175SphealShiver Snowfields
176PiplupShiver Snowfields
177VanilluxeShiver Snowfields
178AvaluggShiver Snowfields
179DewgongShiver Snowfields
180AurorusShiver Snowfields
181GlaceonShiver Snowfields
182SuicuneShiver Snowfields
183CrobatOutaway Cave
184JoltikOutaway Cave
185GeodudeOutaway Cave
186CarbinkOutaway Cave
187GengarOutaway Cave
188NoibatOutaway Cave
189PumpkabooOutaway Cave
190CroagunkOutaway Cave
191DrifloonOutaway Cave
192ClefairyOutaway Cave
193SableyeOutaway Cave
194RampardosOutaway Cave
195HyrdreigonOutaway Cave
196GoodraOutaway Cave
197MawileOutaway Cave
198JolteonOutaway Cave
199DiancieOutaway Cave
200SteelixOutaway Cave – Illumina Spot


###NameFirst Appearance
201HoundoomRuins of Remembrance
202EldegossRuins of Remembrance
203NatuRuins of Remembrance
204AbsolRuins of Remembrance
205SalanditRuins of Remembrance
206NoivernRuins of Remembrance
207WoobatRuins of Remembrance
208SigilyphRuins of Remembrance
209BeheeyemRuins of Remembrance
210GolurkRuins of Remembrance
211ChandelureRuins of Remembrance
212UmbreonRuins of Remembrance
213JirachiRuins of Remembrance
214XerneasRuins of Remembrance – Illumina Spot

So what do you get when you complete the Photodex? You can see the kind words and rewards Professor Mirror gives you below.

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If you’re looking for tips on how to find some Pokémon, you can see if we cover it in our other guide, which has maps and tips for every stage. For our full thoughts on New Pokémon Snap, be sure to read our review here.