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Once again, people are forcing the Pope to like Undertale

In our first ‘yes, this is totally normal’ story of 2022, we are absolutely thrilled to report that a circus just performed Undertale‘s Megalovania track in an audience with Pope Francis. yes, you read that right.

You can catch the whole audience segment below, but the most interesting bit (including fire juggling and Undertale) begins at 53:28. If you want to skip right to Megolovania, head to 1:04:40.

This isn’t the first time the circus troupe has performed for His Holiness, either (though it is the first time videogame music has made an appearance during the audience). The troupe also played for Pope Benedict XVI way back in 2006 and more recently they did a show for Francis in 2017. Whether they’ll be invited back after his sour face during this performance remains to be seen.

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