March 23, 2023

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Nintendo just popped a Miitopia demo up onto Switch’s eShop

If you’ve been eyeing up Miitopia for Switch – Nintendo’s spruce-up of its 2016 Mii-themed 3DS RPG – you can now explore its curious innards courtesy of a newly released demo on the eShop.

The original Miitopia was a strange old thing, serving up a slice of irreverent Mii-themed action playing out something like a mash-up of the 3DS’ StreetPass Quest, Tomodachi Life, and a traditional JRPG – albeit one with a significant splash of silliness.

Parties could be populated by any of the Miis you happened to have lying around on your system – slotted into character classes ranging from familiar (warrior, cleric) to considerably less so (pop star) – and sent off on a quest to thwart Dark Lord’s evil plan to steal everyone’s faces.

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