March 24, 2023

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Nier Replicant: how to get all 5 Endings, including the new Ending E

Many of the things featured and beloved in Nier Automata were actually pulled from the previous titles of Nier creative director and creator Yoko Taro – and one of those features is multiple endings.

In the wider Yoko Taro-verse, multiple endings have a storied history in the Drakengard series – which precedes Nier but is actually set in the same universe.

Following on from Drakengard, the original versions of Nier Gestalt and Nier Replicant in 2010 featured four different endings – and now the newly remastered version of the game, NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139… features those four, plus one additional, all-new, exceptionally well-hidden ending. So here’s how to get all five.

How to get every ending in Nier Replicant

Here’s the good news – the endings of Nier Replicant largely flow in a sequential manner, meaning that you’ll be able to obtain one after the other – but you’ll have to fulfil certain requirements along the way.

In addition, nothing is quite as it seems in this game – and you’ll find your subsequent play-throughs of Nier Replicant reveal additional story scenes and detail which adds quite a bit to the story – and that’s without mentioning the changing and expanding endings themselves.

Here’s how to get each of the endings in the game:

  • Ending A: Simply play through the entire game, start-to-finish, to enjoy Ending A, which will surely leave you with questions. After completing the game, save a ‘cleared’ file to a save slot.
  • Ending B: Load up your ‘cleared’ Ending A save. It’ll put you back at the start of the second half of the game, after the time skip. Play through the game again, enjoying expanded scenes and new information. At the end, you’ll see Ending B; again create a ‘cleared’ save file.
  • Ending C: load up your ‘cleared’ Ending B save. Again, you start at the second half of the game. Play through the rest of the game again. This time you must gather all 30 ‘main’ weapons in the game (there are 33 total including the ‘Fool’ Weapons obtained from the DLC accessible via the book in your house). With all 30 weapons, finish the game. At the end of the game, you will make a choice. If you choose to kill the new enemy at the end, you will see Ending C.
  • Ending D: either load up a ‘cleared’ Ending B or C save, or load up a save game from your previous run, but before you completed Ending C. With all 30 weapons, finish the game. This time, choose to make a sacrifice for the new ‘final boss’. This will give you Ending D, but be warned: this also deletes your save files! All of them. Be warned.
  • Ending E: new for Nier Replicant’s remaster, this ending can only be obtained after seeing Ending D and obliterating your save files. Start a new game; you won’t be able to use the same protagonist name as your original file. Play through the early parts of the game until you fight the gigantic boss at The Aerie with Kaine. At this point, the story splinters off to several hours of new content. This leads to Ending E – and at the end of this, you will also be able to restore the save data that Ending D deleted.

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