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New World’s Winter Convergence event to run through mid-January

Amazon Games announced the start of New World’s Winter Convergence event to coincide with the holiday season, which will run through the middle of January.

Winter has arrived in New World, and is marked by snowfall and Northern Lights, but it also brings with it new hazards and challenges. “While within the settlements gifts are exchanged to mark the passing of the year, outside the safety of the walls a wintry war rages between the positive forces of Winter (slumber, perseverance) championed by the Winter Wanderer’s positive side and the negative forces of Winter (death, stagnation) championed by the Winter Wanderer’s negative side. To make it worse, the Winter Warrior and his Frigid Folk are causing mayhem throughout the land – attempting to spread the dreaded “Forever Winter,” Amazon’s description revealed.

The Winter Convergence event brings with it new items, a new gift-giving emote, winter token earned from special events that can be traded for special Winter Convergence items, and new villages specially made to hand out the new quests.

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