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New Destiny 2 players are being thrown into dire Dares of Eternity matches

A funny story surrounding the recently released Dares of Eternity activity in Destiny 2 has popped up recently. First reported on by Forbes, it appears that new players jumping into Destiny 2 for the first time are being thrust into the mode as soon as they start playing the game, when they are horrendously under-geared and utterly clueless on what is going on.

Here’s how this all works. As soon as Dares of Eternity was released alongside the Bungie 30th Anniversary update, players were immediately queued up for a Dares of Eternity session by Xur. Regardless of what you were doing, or how much Destiny 2 you had played, you were forcibly introduced to the new content.

While we can only assume this was done so any confusion on how to access said content, and the loot that players wanted to get their grubby hands on, was eliminated, it has created an unfortunate situation for those naively booting up the game for the first time. You see, the Dares of Eternity has a minimum power level of 1150, while new players are sat at a measly 1100.

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