March 30, 2023

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More Battlefield 6 reveal trailer screenshots have leaked


A selection of images apparently leaked from the upcoming Battlefield 6 reveal trailer have appeared online.

After seeing two screenshots seemingly leaked from the next Battlefield – which people are calling Battlefield 6 ahead of its official title being revealed – at the start of May, it looks like we’ve got more to enjoy today.

A suite of blurry screengrabs, which you can see here, appear to originate from the same trailer responsible for the initial leak, which some say is the game’s reveal trailer.

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This latest batch of screenshots corroborate claims by leaker Tom Henderson – there’s a selection of more futuristic-looking weaponry, a rocket launch, a Boston Dynamics-like robot dog, and more besides.

Battlefield 6 is expected to be a huge game for EA, with other studios joining DICE Sweden in its development, including DICE LACriterion, and EA Gothenburg.

A fifth studio is working on a mobile game coming next year.

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