May 28, 2023

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Monster Hunter Stories 2 Shakalaka material: Where to find Shakalaka

In Monster Hunter Stories 2, Shakalaka material is a vital ingredient in crafting Zinogre armor. But the real task, tracking down Shakalaka locations, is much more difficult to accomplish.

The wee monsters cloak themselves and are almost impossible to see. Once you do find them, however, it’s easy to get what you need and then some.

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Monster Hunter Stories 2 Shakalaka location

Shakalaka live in the Terga region, specifically in the Volcanic Gates and Lake of Flames areas and in Monster Dens.

The tricky thing about finding them is actually, well… finding them. Shakalaka cloak themselves and blend in with the environment.

Your best bet for finding a Shakalaka is using a Monstie with the Monster Search Riding Action.

Unless you’ve supercharged your Yian Kut-Ku with incredible genes, you’d want to opt for Zamtrios, Nerscylla, or Crimson Qurupeco at this point in the game.

There’s no shortage of Shakalaka once you’ve found them, as they tend to roam in packs. They’re weak to blunt and piercing attacks and are easy to defeat, so Shakalaka material farming should be easy.

Monster Hunter Stories 2 Shakalaka material

Shakalaka could drop a few things. The only Shakalaka material you can use in forging is the Shakalaka Treasure. You’ll need this to make Zinogre Armor, which is some of the better armor you can get until the post-game content.

You might want to hold off on challenging Royal Zinogre until later, unless you just want a difficult fight or a small chance to get a Zinogre earlier.

Even if you win and receive Zinogre materials, you can’t forge Zinogre armor until you get Shakalaka material.

What you can do, however, is prepare for the Monster Hunter Stories 2 endgame challenges by searching for the Barrel Felyne. While you’re at it, track down some rare monsters to give you a chance against the Elder Dragons in the post-game.

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