January 26, 2023

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Monster Hunter Rise: Warm Pelt | How to hunt Kelbi and Anteka

Warm Pelts are a material in Monster Hunter Rise, used to craft a variety of equipment.

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What are Warm Pelts in Monster Hunter Rise?

Warm Pelts are, as the name suggests, a crafting material you get from certain monsters. In order to harvest them, you need to hunt and carve a monster of the appropriate type.

How to get Warm Pelts in Monster Hunter Rise

A couple of small monsters drop Warm Pelts: Kelbi and Anteka. These are both largely docile herbivores, so hunting them isn’t particularly dangerous.

There are no special techniques required to hunt either monster. However, it’s worth noting that the Anteka in particular can become aggressive when attacked, so be sure to stun in first. The Kelbi, meanwhile, are particularly vulnerable to headshots.

In both cases, it’s best to seek them out while on an Expedition Tour when your focus is farming for crafting resources. This gives you more freedom to move around and take your time looking for more monsters.

A Kelbi has a better chance of dropping a Warm Pelt than an Anteka does: 45% as opposed to 18%.

Where to find Kelbi

Kelbi are found in the upper part of the Shrine Ruins, notably areas 11 and 13.

Where to find Anteka

Anteka live in the Frost Islands, where they can be found particularly in the south-western parts of the map (areas 1 and 6).

Crafting recipes requiring Warm Pelts in Monster Hunter Rise

As far as we can tell right now, Warm Pelts are exclusively used in crafting armour sets.

The following crafting recipes call for Warm Pelts:

  • Arzuros armour set (Helm piece)
  • Bone armour set (Vambraces piece)
  • Bullfango armour set (Mask piece)
  • Droth armour set (Mail piece)
  • Hunter’s armour set (Helm and Greaves pieces)
  • Khezu armour set (Coil piece)
  • Lagombi armour set (Coil piece)
  • Leather armour set (Headgear and Gloves pieces)
  • Slagtoth armour set (Cloak and Hood pieces)
  • Volvidon armour set (Coil piece)

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