February 1, 2023

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Monster Hunter Rise Dragonite Ore | Where to find Dragonite Ore

Throughout your whole time with Monster Hunter Rise you’ve been concerned with giant wyverns, but now you need a tiny dragon.

As you reach the mid-game, a lot of interesting recipes start to need Dragonite Ore; a rare material said to be better than any you’ve encountered so far.

However, by that point in the game, it’s not clear exactly where to look. Here’s where to find Dragonite Ore in Monster Hunter Rise.

Where to find Dragonite Ore in Monster Hunter Rise

You can reliably find Dragonite Ore in the final area of Monster Hunter Rise: the Lava Caverns.

It’s a rare drop from Mining Outcrops in the area, which is similar to other items you’ve hunted down before, like Machalite Ore, Icium, and Lightcrystal.

However, the difference in the Lava Caverns is that many of the Mining Outcrops you come across are ‘unique’ Account Item harvesting spots, rather than your traditional resource dispensers.

You can also get Dragonite Ore from Optional Subquests dished out by Quest Maiden Hinoa, as well as from mission rewards from Village Quests.

Also, you can send out the Meowcenries to the Lava Caverns on a path that takes them past some deposits of ore.

How to farm Dragonite Ore in Monster Hunter Rise

We’ve devised a quick farming route which takes you past many of the Mining Outcrops which have a chance of dropping Dragonite Ore.

Remember to eat before you start – you’ll need the stamina, then follow the yellow line and instructions below:

From where you spawn in, go into Area 1 then take a right to Area 4. Use your wirebug to climb onto the cliff above the tunnel here and there’s the first Mining Outcrop which can give you Dragonite Ore.

Next, drop back down and go into the tunnel in Area 4, inside, there’s another Mining Outcrop on the right.

Make your way northwest through Area 9, then use the Wirebug to climb onto the raised path in the northwest corner, harvesting the Outcrop at the end of the tunnel.

Head north and there’s another chance at Dragonite Ore to harvest on the other side of the steam, then continue north towards Area 7.

On the northern side of Area 7, there’s yet another raised platform with a Mining Outcrop to harvest, before you can drop down and grab the point that’s at the mouth of the path to Area 8.

Take a right, then harvest the Mining Outcrop at the mouth of the path to Area 11, then use your wirebug to climb the cliff on the right to harvest another.

Go through Area 11 and look to your left. There’s a hole in the wall here where you can crawl through and find another Mining Outcrop.

Now look up and to the right and there’s a secret entrance to a volcanic path here.

Wirebug up and inside, there are three more Mining Outcrops, two of which can give you Dragonite Ore.

Leave the secret chamber and make your way through Areas 14, 13, and 5, then you can start the loop over again!

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