August 8, 2022

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Moncage review – a simply beautiful story-puzzler

On the face of it, the conceit that lies at the heart of Moncage isn’t a particularly novel one. It’s a puzzle game that’s all about perspective, where changing your view or shifting your position can make the scene in front of you morph into something very different. It’s about reframing – your opinions every bit as much as your view – until, with a little imagination and a touch of trial and error, you realise that you can take those shadows and stony dead-ends and turn them into something else. Something more hopeful.

It’s a magical thing, really. Truly brilliant. That said, sometimes it feels like there’s too much going on. Sometimes the scenes in front of you switch so unexpectedly – you’ll know when it happens by a gentle audio cue and a golden glow from the window that’s been updated – that you’ll struggle to keep track of what’s going on no matter how hard you keep on top of it. It’s an on-the-nose metaphor for real life, I guess.

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