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Microsoft recalls time it rejected Rockstar’s pitch to put GTA3 on the original Xbox

As part of its fascinating Power On documentary series released to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Xbox, Microsoft has discussed the time it rejected Rockstar’s pitch to put Grand Theft Auto 3 on the original Xbox back in 2001 – a decision that would lead to the multi-million-selling being snapped up by Sony as a timed exclusive.

The story, which follows similarly candid recollections from Microsoft in Power On – including the recent admission that its closure of Lionhead Studios was one of the company’s “biggest missteps” – comes in the third episode. Here, various members of the original Xbox team discuss Microsoft’s preparations for the console’s launch, which saw group going on a “barnstorming tour” across America, Europe, and Japan to build excitement and convince developers its machine could be a success.

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