May 31, 2023

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Microsoft Flight Simulator set to receive massive performance boost in next PC update

Microsoft Flight Simulator is gorgeous but notoriously demanding of PC hardware; however, developer Asobo says it’ll be getting a whole lot less demanding when its next Sim Update arrives alongside the game’s highly anticipated Xbox Series X/S release on 27th July.

Asobo offered a look the huge performance improvements coming to Microsoft Flight Simulator on PC during its latest developer livestream, with CEO Sebastian Wloch explaining the team has rewritten “a lot of the parts of the engine…in order to get the maximum performance out of the sim”, as part of its work on the upcoming console version.

To illustrate just how effective Asobo’s engine tweaks have been, Wloch demoed a before-and-after gameplay video featuring a flyover of Manhattan, captured from a PC equipped with an i7-9700K CPU and Nvidia 2060 Super graphics card – and running Flight Simulator at Ultra settings in 4K with a 40% render scale (jump to the 8-minute mark below to see the footage).

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