March 25, 2023

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Microsoft closes loophole that let you get Xbox Game Pass cheaper

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

Microsoft has closed an exploit that allowed you to get cheaper subscriptions to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate using an EA Play subscription.

As spotted by TwistedVoxel, Microsoft has closed a loophole that allowed players to redeem one year of EA Play at $30 for four months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate – a cheaper way of getting that amount of time on Xbox’s subscription service that would usually set you back $15 per month.

Microsoft has posted an update to the FAQ over on its official site that clarifies the changes and explains that one year of EA Play will convert to just two months of Game Pass Ultimate (which is more in line with Microsoft’s actual pricing structure).

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“Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members can redeem EA Play codes for the Xbox console, but they will automatically convert and extend their Game Pass Ultimate subscription,” reads the FAQ. “One month of EA Play will extend a Game Pass Ultimate subscription by 10 days, and a one-year EA Play code will extend a Game Pass Ultimate subscription by 2 months.”

Xbox recently announced it would begin celebrating its 20th anniversary which is going to see a range of promotions go live to celebrate the milestone. Amongst the announcements are a lot of ways to save on Game Pass Ultimate, if your method for redeeming the cheap subscription has now been cut off. You can also purchase some 20th Anniversary Collection at Xbox Gear, if that’s more your style.

If you’re looking forward to more free games to play via the service, you’ll be pleased to know that Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and EA Play subscribers will receive multiplayer brawler Knockout City when it launches May 21 – and that’s the game’s full version, too.

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