June 6, 2023

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Mario Golf: Super Rush character points – How to farm character points

Mario Golf: Super Rush character points are your reward for playing continuously as one specific character. You’ll still have to work to get them, but the payoff is unlocking two special club sets for that character. Our Mario Golf character points guide has the best way to get points fast and maybe even enjoy the grind in the process.

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What are Mario Golf character points

Super Rush gives you character points for completing certain tasks in every mode except Adventure mode, since that one focuses only on your underpowered Mii. You can see how many points a given character has at the bottom of the character club select screen.

Mario Golf Star Clubs and Super Star Clubs

For now, character points only have one purpose: unlocking that non-Mii character’s special clubs. Each character has two sets of clubs, a Star set and a Super Star set.

  • Star Club: 1,000 character points
  • Super Star Club: 2,000 character points

These both feature improved stats over other club sets in the game. Using them might seem like a moot point after completing so many challenges already, but there are ways to earn Mario Golf character points and unlock both sets faster.

How to get more character points in Mario Golf: Super Rush

Aside from completing solo challenges, these are all the ways you can earn character points in Mario Golf.

  • Play a hole: 10 points
  • Birdie: 10 points
  • Eagle: 20 points
  • Albatross 50 points
  • Hole in one: 100 points
  • Pick up a coin in Speed Golf: 3 points

You can farm Mario Golf character points using a couple of methods. The most grind-intensive one is restarting a hole.

Pick Standard Golf and four human characters. Then choose your desired characters, course, and settings. Each character gets 10 points once the hole starts, so before actually teeing off, restart the hole. You’ll get 10 more points for each character every time you restart.

It’s effective, but also very boring. If you want to still actually play the game while grinding for points, try scoring a hole in one. instead

Two of the best courses for getting a hole in one in Super Rush are Ridgerock Lake hole 2 and Bonny Greens hole 2. Both are short-distance holes, and even if you restart to try again, you’ll still get some points.

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